Shopping in Seville

Seville is home to sprawling local produce markets and Andalusia artisans. If you’re looking for souvenirs to bring back home, Seville is the best place to stock up on local products. For the latest in fashion, Seville is packed with the usual shopping chains and boutiques. There are shops where you can find beautiful art pieces, books, and specialty products.

The heart of Seville's shopping district is Calle Sierpes and the streets running parallel - Calle Velazquez Tetúan and Calle Cuna. Here you'll find a vast array of both traditional and designer shops. Waft yourself silly with all types of traditional fans at Dizal, Calle Sierpes 48, or lose time looking over the antique clocks at Enrique Sanchis, Calle Sierpes 19.

In Seville, people love spending hours gather around commercial storefronts and after that, start to go for shopping. You can shop at almost any hour! Stores open from 9:30am to 2 pm in the afternoon, there is a gap for the lunch and maybe a nap. Afterwards, the shops , then they open again in the afternoon from 5 to 9 pm. The huge department store El Corte Inglés open the whole day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Depending on what are you looking for, you will find the perfect areas to meet all your expectations: you can relax delve in an open- air markets, find out a special souvenir in the popular artisan shops in Arenal quarter or shopping around in chain stores.

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas in Seville

Located in the old Córdoba Train station across from the bus station this is the smallest of the bunch but the easiest to get to in the center. There is a McDonald's and a movie theatre, as well as La Fabrica de Cerveza, one of the only brew-pubs I know of in Seville. Foster's Hollywood serves up American food in an Applebee's atmosphere and there is a Mercadona, a large supermarket, on the bottom floor. A number of chain restaurants, including Mexican and Italian, are just outside in the plaza. There are also a number of small shops inside and it has the charm and history of the architecture going for it. Just across the street is another movie theatre, Avenida 5 Cines, with V.O. movies (subtitled with the original language audio). The location is also close to the river if you plan to hit the bars or Triana when the heat dies down.
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Los Arcos

Los Arcos in Seville

Further out and requiring a bus ride is Los Arcos. Like every other mall here it has a McDonalds, a movie theatre and a food court. The inside is eerily similar to a mall layout of 10 years ago in the US. Many department stores as well as some smaller shops, and if you've been to Nervión Plaza you've likely seen most of the same stores. Hipercor, owned by El Corte Inglés, is located in the mall. Hipercor is a little, or really a lot, of everything...
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