Properties for Sale and Rent in Seville

One of the most difficult tasks can be finding a suitable apartment or living situation once you arrive. You may be looking to live on your own, with roommates, or a Spanish family. All are possible, with different degrees of difficulty and there are plenty of services which will help you locate housing that's right for you and all come at a price. Note that the summer months of June and July are good times to search, while September and the winter months may offer less options. Still, temporary accommodations such as a cheap hostal may cost much less in the winter, thus making it a better time to make the move.

Another idea which may lead to long term housing are shared flats, which you can find through other sites such as and, which for a fee will help you locate a housing option according to your needs. They offer a variety of options which can include: shared flats with other foreigners or Spaniards, housing with families including meals or your own apartment. Let them know how much you want to spend and how long you'll be staying (short to long term options) and you'll get a chance to move in right away or meet with your possible family or flat mates before deciding to move in.

Your best option when searching in Sevilla is the El Cambalache, which publishes classifieds for just about everything three times a week. It costs around 2€ and can be purchased at almost any newsstand. The website gives you listings and prices but does not provide contact information, and it is much easier to search in the print version. You always place an ad through the paper if you are looking for a specific living situation. El ABC Sevilla also publishes a weekly classified section with plenty of apartment listings. The website also has listings for Sevilla and other cities, including house sales as well as rentals. Finally walking around town and looking for "Se Alquila" signs with phone numbers and start calling. We found two of our apartments in different ways - calling off a number on a sign in the street and through the classifieds in the ABC classified section.

Eye on Spain

Eye on Spain in Seville adheres to the highest of Internet standards, protecting its users' privacy, observing and championing Net etiquette, linking externally without endorsements, and aiming for factual information throughout. Eye on Spain offers a wealth of properties available for rental directly from their owners so that you save money.
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Right move

Right move in Seville is the UK's largest property portal.Their aim is to empower the UK’s decisions around property. The platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online property search. With the depth of information, they provide home hunters can immediately identify a preferred property.
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