Eat and Drink in Seville

Seville, like most Andalusian destinations, is known for its tapas. "Tapas", while it is associated with certain dishes, is actually a size and many restaurants or bars will offer a tapas, 1/2 ración (half serving, although sometimes enough to make a meal) and ración (serving) of the same dish. There are many great tapas places around the foot of the cathedral in the center of town. You can't go wrong, simply order one of everything to find your favorite.

Some bars near the river, such as Pedalquivir and El Faro de Triana, offer a nice view but aren't as good of a deal in terms of the quality of the food. Another would be El Patio San Eloy (San Eloy 9, Sevilla) where the tapas can be a little hit and miss, but where the cool staggered seating steps, fabulous décor and fruity sangria; provide a wonderful respite from the heat of the day. A good deal can more easily be had at less characteristic places such as Sloppy Joe's Pizza Inn and Papasá. For the most typical and interesting meal, stop at one of the many bars, especially one which doesn't offer English menus (the prices are likely to be lower).

If you're vegetarian, make sure you specify that you eat no fish or tuna as vegetarian only implies no flesh here. A place with a very good selection of vegetarian and vegan foods is Habanita, a quiet open air restaurant in the center of the city. If you would like to purchase your own food, head down to one of the markets close to the center of the city, such as in Plaza Encarnación. El Corte Inglés is a larger more popular department store that you can go to for almost every need.

Do not eat the oranges from the trees on the street if you are visiting off season. They are extremely sour and have been sprayed to stop the birds from eating them. A fun way to discover Seville & Andalusian cuisine is through a food/tapas tour or Spanish cooking class. Foodie&Tours  offers various great activities, including a cooking class with a visit to the Triana Market, tapas tour of the most authentic restaurants of Seville, Spanish wine tasting, and more.

Another amazing place for tapas is the Taberna Coloniales located in Plaza Cristo de Burgos 19. The place is cozy and has only a few tables. Go there early to put your name on the board to get a table, then head inside for a couple of beers. Portions are large and food is very very good.

La Azotea

La Azotea in Seville

The original La Azotea in the San Lorenzo area got so popular that it quickly saw the opening of other branches throughout the city — including the one in Santa Cruz. At this location, fresh fish is displayed at the entrance and it’s open for breakfast, which is a welcome addition to a city where it’s not easy to find a decent breakfast bar. The ambience is modern and young and service is attentive and professional.
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El Rinconcillo

El Rinconcillo in Seville

This oldest tapas bar in Seville is an institution. It’s a traditional and old-school place that’s been around since 1670. There are tables upstairs for proper dining but to fully enjoy an atmosphere reminiscent of olden days, stay downstairs and stand around the bar. There are a few small tables downstairs if you’re lucky enough to grab one. There are hams hanging from the ceilings and the walls are decorated with colorful azulejo tiles.
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